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Published Research

H. Chang, B. Pham, and E. Ferrara (2021).  Parasocial diffusion: K-pop fandoms help drive COVID-19 public health messaging on social media. Online Social Networks and Media

H. Chang. (2023). Book Review: Nick Monaco and Samuel Woolley, Bots. International Journal of Communication, 17, 3.

K. Felkner, H. Chang, E. Jang, and J. May (2023). “WinoQueer: A Community-in-the-Loop Benchmark for Anti-LGBTQ+ Bias in Large Language Models.” Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Lingusitics (ACL).

H. Chang, B. Harrington, F. Fu, and D. Rockmore (2023). “Complex Systems of Secrecy: The Offshore Network of Oligarchs.” PNAS Nexus.

H. Chang, A. Richardson, and E. Ferrara (2022). “#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd: How Instagram Facilitated the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement.” PLOS One.

M. Bui, H. Chang, C. McIlwain (2022). “Targeted Ads: The Infrastructure for Algorithmic Discrimination.” Center for Critical Race + Digital Studies (CR+DS) & Democracy Fund (Technical Report).

E. Chen, J. Jiang, H. Chang*, G. Muric, and E. Ferrara (2022). “COVID-19 Infodemiology at Planetary Scale: Charting the Information and Misinformation Landscape to Characterize Misinfodemics Spread on Social Media.” Journal of Medical Internet Research

H. Chang and E. Ferrara (2022). “Comparative Analysis of Social Bots and Humans during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Journal of Computational Social Science.

H. Chang, M. Bui, and C. McIlwain (2022). “Targeted Ads and/as Racial Discrimination: Trends in New York City Ads for College Scholarships.” Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS).

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E. Chen, H. Chang*, A. Rao, G. Cowan, K. Lerman, and E. Ferrara (2021).  COVID-19 Misinformation and the 2020 USA Presidential Elections. HKS Misinformation Review

H. Chang, S. Hai, and E. Ferrara (2021). Digital Civic Participation and Misinformation during the 2020 Taiwanese Presidential Election. Communication and Media. 

H. Chang (2021). Multi-issue Negotiation with Deep Reinforcement Learning. Knowledge-Based Systems.

H. Chang and F. Fu (2021). Elitism in Mathematics and Inequality. Nature Humanities and Social Science Communications.

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H. Chang & F. Fu (2019). Co-contagion Diffusion on Multilayer Networks. Applied Network Sciences.

H. Chang and F. Fu (2018). Co-Diffusion of Social Contagions. New Journal of Physics. 20.9:095001 

H. Chang and K. Li (2018). The Amnesiac Lookback Option: Selectively Monitored Lookback Options and Cryptocurrencies. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. 4:10

S. Topel and H. Chang* (2018). Modulated Electromagnetic Musical Systems and Associated Methods. United States Patent. No.: 16/316,347.

H. Chang, L. May, S. Topel (2017). Nonlinear Acoustic Synthesis in Augmented Musical Instruments. Proc. Int. Conf. on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Copenhagen. Vol. 17: 358-363

H. Chang and S. Topel (2016). Electromagnetically Actuated Amplitude Modulation Synthesis. NIME, Brisbane. Vol. 16: 8-13

Public Pre-prints

H. Chang, B. Pham, and E. Ferrara. “K-Pop Fandoms help drive Public Health Messaging.”






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